Oct. 17, 2019: Luna’s cancer challenges continue to be monitored

Management of the Retired Pack after Aidan’s loss is significantly different.  Aidan’s strong personality limited the number of handlers that interacted, impacting the dynamics of the social group.  Now, most handlers are interacting with Grizzer and Luna, giving them far more social time.  The time and staff are well needed as we manage Luna’s challenges from her cancer and try to monitor every nuance in Grizzer’s activity to identify any age-specific issues.

Luna is not only monitored by the Center’s surveillance cameras, we also have a ring camera that connects directly to the curator’s phone to assess how well she is resting in the transition area.  We are making some upgrades to retirement to protect the retired wolves from deep snow issues and improve overall monitoring opportunities for the upcoming winter.  With snow on the ground this weekend, improvements can’t come fast enough.