Oct. 17, 2019

Fall has arrived with dynamic colors on the maple trees and some dynamic behavior from the young adults.  In this photo, Axel is doing a ride up on Denali with his tail extended above his back in what we term a T-1 tail.  At 11 years of age, Denali maintains a wide stance for support, but his wagging tail held in a relaxed position demonstrates the lack of concern about these interactions.  Grayson is coming around the tree in an intimidated ear posture called Ears Turned Sideways and Slanted Back or ETSB if you are familiar with our Ethogram codes.  Grayson’s expression is more of intimidation likely in response to his brother’s dominant posture.  Notice Boltz is not in the mix; he has been using the medical pen and den to avoid some conflict with Axel.  He’s still an active pack member, just a bit more cautious when Axel’s tail extends above the back.