Oct. 31, 2019

Improvements continue

The construction work to improve the life of the retired wolves, the 2020 pups and the humans who spend many nights caring for them all continues.

Luna and Grizzer are tolerating the temporary change of routine and enjoyed watching the Working for Wolves crew install some snow and wind breaks in the adjacent transition area.

Luna has taken to lying on top of the back-habitat den, watching her surroundings from the higher vantage point.  Despite her cancer, she is still very alert, wants to interact with the wolf care staff and has a good appetite. She is now on anti-inflammatory medication, which has improved her mobility and overall comfort.

Grizzer seems to have a bit of a spring in his step and has been observed running excited circles around the back den. While age may have slowed him down physically, age hasn’t slowed him down mentally. Grizzer will be turning 15 ½ on Nov. 5. He only has a few weeks to go before taking over the record of the oldest wolf managed at the International Wolf Center.  This honor was previously held by Lakota – April 28, 1993 – Nov. 7, 2008.