Grizzer – Looking Good

Grizzer will be 14-years old on Saturday May 5th and he seems to be in better shape after this winter than he has for the past several winters.  We weighed him last week and he is still maintaining about 114 pounds of body weight which is a good value for him.   There have been a lot of variables that may have contributed to his status. Certainly, the “Working for Wolves” crews construction of the roof  between the East Side Retirement significantly reduced ice build up in an area that he frequently travels.  The protective area also allowed for additional cover hay beds out of the wind, but still receiving direct sunlight.  Luna’s been far more socially interacting and less obsessive since the change in feeding protocols; this allows Grizzer more interactions and more exercise with less stress.  In the last year, he has been taking daily Turmeric gel caps.  In a recent ad for Tumeric, the benefits included “A Stronger Heart, Sharper Brain, Pain-Free Joints and Youthful Energy” … could Grizzer be Tumeric success story?  We don’t have any way to measure that other than noticing that Grizzer looks good, but I guess that’s all we need and all we can hope for at the age of 14.  If you would like to honor Grizzer on his birthday, please consider a gift to the Wolf Care Fund. This fund goes directly to the continued care of current and future wolf pack mates.  Select Wolf Care under the designation tab; Feel free to write a note in the comment if you want a special treat for Grizzer.