Boltz – Summertime Mode

Boltz is back on the greeting rock lounging like a summer day.  With the tremendous help from the Vermilion College Natural Resource students, most of the wet winter hay has been removed from the Exhibit Pack area.  The greeting rock was pressure washed to remove the winter effects of ravens that lingered in the exhibit.  Boltz continues to show subordinate tendencies to Denali, especially during the feeding program.  On the April 27th feeding, Denali allowed Axel to feed, but wouldn’t allow Grayson and Boltz near the carcass. This prompted Boltz to food beg to Denali in order to approach the carcass.  While rank order and food possession are independent behaviors, Boltz displays similar body language.  Staff monitor feedings and scat coloration to indicate which wolf may need supplemental food to meet their needs.