Grayson- Standing Tall

We have had a lot of opportunity to photograph and videotape Grayson “standing tall” in the last few weeks.  There seems to be a pattern of his confidence increasing and his desire to gain some height.  In this week’s photo, he is in the East Side Retirement area with Denali waiting for the Vermilion College Natural Resource students to finish cleaning hay out of the Exhibit Pack area.  Wolf care staff have witnessed Grayson taking the opportunity to display some dominance  over Denali when he rolls over for the wolf care staff.  Although dominance doesn’t equate to food possession.  Grayson is still timid around feeding, especially when Denali takes possession of a carcass.   Grayson and Axel will be two years old on Wednesday, May 2nd.  Please consider a donation to the Wolf Care Fund in honor of Axel and Grayson as they find their way into the pack.