Axel – Different Stresses

While Axel is right in the mix and shows no stress of facing off with the other pack members for some status, he has a different response when it comes to other elements in the wolf yard.  A recent work crew in the Exhibit required a temporary holding arrangement for all Exhibit Pack members (except Aidan), to be moved to the East Side Retirement.  Grayson seemed to do quite well with the time in holding, while Axel seemed to Exhibit more stress.  We try to keep these moves off Exhibit to a minimum, they are an important part of facility maintenance and emergency protocol. Other noteworthy items in this week’s staff logs include a renewed focus on Denali for chase behavior.  Denali will usually instigate activity with Axel and Grayson, which results in back and forth activity hiding around the large white pine snag or lunging from the top of the pump housing.