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Introducing wolves leads to fewer wildland coyotes, researchers find

From UPI.com: DENVER, May 8 (UPI) — As the population of gray wolves expands across the northern United States, researchers are finding a surprising side-effect: Their presence appears to lead to a reduction in the coyote population. Wildlife researchers at the University of Washington are using radio transmitter collars and game cameras to determine how the […]

Group demands details about deaths of endangered Mexican wolves

From The Durango Herald: FARMINGTON – A wildlife activist group has filed Freedom of Information Act requests in hopes of understanding why federal agencies killed four Mexican gray wolves in New Mexico. The Center for Biological Diversity said it is trying to determine if the state’s livestock industry swayed the agencies’ decision to kill the […]

Dispute over Minnesota’s environmental fund leaves projects on wolves, weeds and mussels in limbo

From MPR.org: For the past several years, University of Minnesota researchers have studied wolves in Voyageurs National Park to learn how they spend their summers. They’ve uncovered some fascinating details. Wolves are often thought of as bloodthirsty carnivores that hunt large mammals. But in the summers, the researchers tracked them catching freshwater fish — and even […]

Belgium: Wolf killing faces €500,000 fine in Flanders

From The Brussels Times: Wolves will be given the highest degree of protection in Flanders, which means that killing one deliberately can be punished by fines up to €500,000. The preliminary draft decree, based on the proposal by Flemish Minister for Environment Zuhal Demir, was approved in principle by the Flemish government, reports De Morgen. Click here […]

Absent Wolves, Ecosystems Changed. Can New Wolves Restore Things?

From Undark.org: WHEN THE YOUNG David Mech was offered a job studying wolves in 1957, people asked him why he’d want to focus on such an evil creature. A loathing for wolves was commonplace back then, and after decades of hunting, trapping, and poisoning, humanity had succeeded in wiping out these keystone predators — perched at the […]

Wolf cubs on way as Belgium becomes ‘wolf crossroads of Europe’

From The Guardian: Belgium is becoming “the wolf crossroads of Europe”, a conservation charity has said as it reported new sightings from France and Germany, while Flemish authorities separately announced the imminent arrival of wolf puppies. Flanders’ environment minister, Zuhal Demir, announced that a pair of wolves in the north of the country were expecting cubs, […]