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Montana And Idaho Allowing For More Wolf Harvest; Will This Affect Wyoming’s Population?

From Wyoming Public Media: State legislatures in Montana and Idaho have recently passed policies that increase the number of wolves that can be harvested, and methods to harvest. Both Montana and Idaho wolf populations are much higher than Wyoming’s. Currently, the state population is just above the minimum population requirement set by the federal government, when the wolves were […]

Alaska Science Forum: Wolf virus Research Shows Space Virtues

From IllinoisNewsToday.com: Scientists have found that wolves, which are well-distanced from humans, tend to avoid nasty viruses. In a study of more than 2,000 gray wolves from the suburbs of Mexico to northern Canada, researchers found that the farther the wolf was from humans, the fewer viruses and parasites it encountered. Click here for the […]

Mysterious deaths amongst Danish wolves stump experts

From CHPost.DK in Denmark: Researchers are concerned by recent findings that mortality rates amongst Danish wolves are a staggering 10 times above normal. A new study by Aarhus University (AU) entitled ‘Where have all the young wolves gone?’ calculates the current life-expectancy of a Danish wolf to be just two years. Almost half the population have disappeared […]

Washington’s wolf population grew at least 24% in 2020

From the Union-Bulletin in Washington: There are a minimum of 178 wolves in Washington, according to new information from state and tribal biologists published in late April. Washington’s wolf population grew at least 24% between 2019 and 2020, despite the death of 16 wolves to legal hunting, lethal removal in response to conflict and natural […]

Wisconsin Hunters Turn to Highway Signs in Effort to Protect Wolves

From PublicNewsService.org: EAU CLAIRE, Wis. — Opposition to wolf hunts in Wisconsin is becoming more visible, and not only in public hearings or on social media. Drivers might soon notice how some hunters feel about wolves. A new coalition, calling itself Hunters for Wolves, is behind a trio of billboards installed along roadways in northern Wisconsin. […]

More Than 100 Scientists Ask Biden Administration To Restore Protections For Gray Wolves

From Wisconsin Public Radio: More than 100 scientists have signed a letter asking the Biden administration to restore federal protections for the gray wolf. The Trump administration announced last fall that it would remove the animal from the endangered species list across most of the country beginning in January, prompting lawsuits from environmental and wildlife groups to restore the […]