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Major farm groups have lobbied for the right to cull wolves. A new study finds the animals may have gotten a bad rap.

From TheCounter.org: A new study covered in Modern Farmer challenges the notion that wolves are a major antagonist for ranchers and their herds. The common perception has fueled demands from agricultural organizations like the American Farm Bureau to pull the animal from the Endangered Species Act, enabling ranchers to cull them. Yet, after studying Spanish communities that reported […]

Six Ojibwe tribes sue Wisconsin to block fall wolf hunt

From UPI.com: Sept. 21 (UPI) — Six Native American tribes sued Wisconsin on Tuesday in an effort to stop the state’s wolf hunting and trapping season. The six Ojibwe tribes claim the state’s Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Board “knowingly discriminated” against the tribes by acting to nullify their share of wolves hunted in the upcoming […]

Why have gray wolves failed to gain a foothold in Colorado?

From the Aspen Daily Times: In the early days of October 2020, a soft breeze blew across Cold Spring Mountain, rustling the sagebrush and aspen groves. Three prominent conservationists camped near the weathered land marker that identified the junction of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, hoping to hear something that had long been absent from this […]

Wisconsin Tribes Claim Half The Quota For Fall Wolf Hunt

From Wisconsin Public Radio: Wisconsin tribes are claiming 50 percent of the harvest quota for the upcoming fall wolf hunt, and they want to drive the share for state-licensed hunters lower after the February wolf hunt. Wisconsin’s Ojibwe tribes are entitled to up to half the quota as part of a federal court ruling that affirmed tribal treaty […]

Hunting of wolves set to be banned across Spain

From EuroWeeklyNews.com: The hunting of wolves is set to be banned across Spain. The new regulations will come into force on Wednesday, September 22. As of Tuesday, September 21, the Iberian wolf (Canis lupus) has been included in the List of Species under Special Protection Regime. This means that from Wednesday the hunting of the […]

Intelligent fence should recognize wolves and chase them away

From MarketResearchTelecast.com: Researchers from the University of Bremen and Giessen and the company RoFlexs are working on the “mAInZaun” project. Behind it is a “modular, autonomous and intelligent pasture (protection) fence with detection and deterring predators”. The pasture fence should use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect wolves and drive them away using various automatically triggered […]

Biden administration to rethink gray wolf protections after hundreds killed due to sticking with Trump policy

From the Independent: The Biden administration is reviewing whether to put American gray wolves back on the endangered species list after originally sticking with a Trump-era policy which led to hundreds of the species being killed in the last year. Last November former President Trump removed gray wolves’ protections under the Endangered Species Act after […]

Belgium: Equestrians call for immediate action against wolves

From The Brussels Times in Belgium: Two of the top equestrians in Flanders are calling on the Belgian government to take action regarding the presence of wolves in the area, and political parties are urging Flemish Minister of Environment Zuhal Demir to look into relocating the species. Some of the most expensive horses in Flanders […]

State OKs killing most wolves in Eastern Oregon pack

From the Capital Press: BAKER CITY, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has authorized killing most of the wolves in the Lookout Mountain pack, including its breeding male. But the agency does not plan to target the breeding female from the pack in eastern Baker County, which has killed six head of […]