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Legislation aims to drastically reduce Idaho wolf population

From KTVB.com: BOISE, Idaho — A house panel on Tuesday introduced legislation allowing the use of snowmobiles, ATVs, powered parachutes and other methods to hunt and kill wolves year-round and with no limits in most of Idaho. The House Resources and Conservation Committee cleared the way for a public hearing on the proposed law backers […]

Colorado bill calls to reintroduce wolves only in counties that said OK

From the Grand Junction Sentinel in Colorado: A handful of state lawmakers are crying wolf over a proposal to reintroduce the carnivorous species into Colorado. Under House Bill 1037, introduced into the Colorado Legislature last week, the gray wolf could only be introduced into those counties where voters approved Proposition 114 on last fall’s ballot, […]

Here’s what you need to know about the Wisconsin hunting and trapping season for gray wolves beginning Feb. 22

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: The gray wolf was removed from protections of the federal Endangered Species List on Jan. 4. The delisting returned management authority for the species to Wisconsin and other states. State control includes the ability to use lethal measures such as hunting and trapping to manage the animals. Click here for the […]

Montana: Wolf trapping bills moving toward the governor’s desk

From the Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Bills that would permit the snaring of wolves and extend Montana’s wolf trapping season are advancing toward the governor’s desk. On Thursday, the Senate Fish and Game Committee held a hearing on House Bills 224 and 225, both sponsored by Rep. Paul Fielder, R-Thompson Falls. Both bills cleared the House earlier this month. […]

Genetics study shows why some Yellowstone wolves dodge mange

From The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington: BILLINGS – After 25 years of inbreeding, Yellowstone National Park’s wolves are becoming genetically more similar, researchers have found. “They’re still a really healthy population,” said Alexandra DeCandia, who looked into wolf genetics for research she recently published. “It’s not anything we’re worried about.” In fact, genetic similarity can […]

Mongolia: Wolves prefer to feed on the wild side

From EurekaAlert.org: When there is a choice, wolves in Mongolia prefer to feed on wild animals rather than grazing livestock. This is the discovery by a research team from the University of Göttingen and the Senckenberg Museum Görlitz. Previous studies had shown that the diet of wolves in inland Central Asia consists mainly of grazing […]