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Wolves in Colorado web series offers comprehensive view of predator reintroduction

From Colorado State University: A free, five-part web series will explore Colorado wolf reintroduction through the lens of science, policy and lived experiences. The series aims to discuss the implications of the gray wolf reintroduction Ballot Proposition 114 that will appear on the Colorado ballot in November. If passed, the initiative would charge the Colorado […]

Idaho wolf killings up to 570 over past year

From Big Country News Connection:   BOISE — Over the past year, more wolves were killed in Idaho than in any other year since at least 2013. From July 1, 2019, to June 30, 570 wolves were killed by hunters, vehicles, traps and other causes, according to data from the Idaho Department of Fish and […]

Estimated Wolf Population Grows In Wisconsin

From WXPR radio in Wisconsin and the Associated Press: Wisconsin wildlife officials estimate the number of wolves in the state has increased by about 13% from last year. The state Department of Natural Resources said Thursday that surveys put the overwinter population between 1,034 to 1,057 wolves. The 2018-19 estimate was 914 to 978 wolves. […]

Comparing the controllability of young hand-raised wolves and dogs

From phys.org: During domestication, dogs most probably have been selected for increased tractability (meant as controllability or ease in handling). If so, then considerable differences should be found between domestic dogs and their closest wild relatives, wolves, in this trait. To reveal if such a difference exists, researchers at the Family Dog Project, Eötvös Loránd […]

‘Howl you vote?’ wolf advocates, opponents ask Colorado

From the Vail Daily in Colorado: Gray wolf reintroduction is on Colorado’s ballot this fall. With it comes widely differing views about one of the most controversial animals in the West, and what its return would mean for the state. Advocates like Rob Edward, president of Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund, which gathered signatures to […]

Wisconsin Tribal officials, conservationists want say in what to do about growing wolf population

From the Wausau Daily Herald: ODANAH – Tribal representatives and conservationists are asking to be included in any process that may decide the state’s response to the increasing gray wolf population. They believe the animal might soon be removed from the federal list of endangered species, opening up hunting for population control or trophies. Click […]

US wildlife officials aim to remove wolf protections in 2020

From the Associated Press: The Trump administration plans to lift endangered species protections for gray wolves across most of the nation by the end of the year, the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Monday. “We’re working hard to have this done by the end of the year and I’d say it’s […]

Thylacines Had More In Common With Coyotes Than With Wolves

From Forbes.com: Thylacines may have lived more like coyotes than like wolves, suggests a recent study, which looked at the extinct marsupial predator’s body size as a clue about its now-abandoned role in Tasmania’s ecosystem. Of all the animals that have gone extinct in the last century, thylacines may be among the most compelling. They […]