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A closer look at black wolves in Yellowstone National Park

From KBZK.com in Bozeman, Montana: The black wolves of Yellowstone are a striking icon that draws many wildlife watchers to the world’s first national park. But scientists say historically, wolves did not have black coats. Cutting edge science is now revealing the secret behind the origin of the black wolf. Click here for the full story.

UW Study: Wolves, Cougars Ambush Smaller Predators Attracted by Scraps

From The Daily Chronicle in Lewis County, Washington: Wolves, cougars and other large predators are killing smaller carnivores, potentially controlling notoriously fecund species like coyotes. Those were some of the findings of a University of Washington study published earlier this month in the journal Ecology Letters. The study synthesized data from 256 other studies looking […]

You may have two new wolves in the Netherlands

From KXAN36news.com: The wolves, Noëlla, and August is already around for a while in the province of Limburg, but it could also be a new, wild wolves have been seen in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. The desk Welkomwolf.be on Monday, several sightings of the wolves, has been investigating the wolf and the tracks of […]

Clear sighting of wolf in Grindsted, Denmark

From cphpost.dk in Denmark: A young wolf was found on Tuesday by a farmer on Dyvelsrekkevej, 10 km outside Grindsted in the Region of Southern Denmark, TV2 reports. On the hunt? A farmworker, Luca Andrei, filmed the wolf when it came close to him at a cow stable. Click here for the full story.

Where To Watch Wildlife While You’re Quarantined

From Forbes.com: Most of us are all stuck at home with cabin fever, dreaming of the day when social distancing is a thing of the past and we’re free to return to our favorite parks, take the kids to a zoo, and reschedule that cancelled vacation. In the meanwhile, we’re lucky to live in an […]