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Rewilding Could Benefit Ecosystem in American West, New Study Says

From DiscoverMagazine.com: “Rewilding” areas of the western U.S. with gray wolf and beaver populations could help in ecological restoration efforts, according to researchers from Oregon State University (OSU). In the paper, “Rewilding the American West” published in BioScience, co-author, William Ripple, along with 19 other authors are suggesting using portions of federal land — like national parks […]

Scientists call for ‘Western Rewilding Network’ to support wolf, beaver populations, improve biodiversity on public lands

From the University of Colorado Boulder: Managing federal lands in ways that better support wolf and beaver populations could help re-establish a host of important ecological processes across the West, according to a group of 20 scientists calling for the creation of a Western Rewilding Network. In a paper published today in BioScience, “Rewilding the American West,” […]

US sued in bid to force decision on Rockies wolf protections

From the Associated Press: BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Wildlife advocates sued federal officials Tuesday after the government missed a deadline to decide if protections for gray wolves should be restored across the northern U.S. Rocky Mountains, where Republican-led states have made it easier to kill the predators. The Biden administration said in a preliminary finding last September that […]

Wolf packs spreading rapidly across the Alps, activists say

From DW.com: The number of wolf packs in the Alps has jumped by over 25% in just one year, the Swiss-based wolf-protection association Gruppe Wolf Schweiz (GWS) said on Monday. They described the current population growth as “exponential,” rising from around 250 packs in 2021 — most of them in the border region between Italy and France — to over 300 this year. […]

Netherlands: Increasing number of wolves Veluwe are ‘no danger to people’

From DutchNews.nl in the Netherlands: Visitors to the Hoge Veluwe have recently spotted two wolf cubs in the nature reserve, bringing the number of known packs in the Netherlands to four but, expert says, people have little to fear from their increasing number. The fear of wolves stems from folklore,’ wolf expert Glenn Lelieveld told […]

California Wolf Packs Welcome 11 New Pups in ‘Conservation Milestone’

From Newsweek.com: Two California wolf packs have welcomed 11 new pups in a “conservation milestone.” According to a quarterly report published by the California Department of Fish and Game, two of California’s existing wolf packs—the Lassen pack and the Whaleback pack—have welcomed a flurry of pups into their families this year. Click here for the […]