Just finished washing the water containers in all of the enclosures and once again, Malik stole the sponge. For a 13 year old wolf, he is alert. Malik stealing a sponge is an ongoing interaction, but it does have some other benefit than just Malik entertainment. If I need to move Malik to another enclosure or need to distract him so someone can apply fly ointment, the yellow sponge will be a distraction. There hasn’t been any additional damage to the wood security fence behind Shadow and Malik’s enclosure (a wild wolf did some damage in response to food in the retired enclosure a few weeks ago) and Malik seems far less anxious than he has since that event occurred.
This will be the only posting this week due to the International Wolf Center Symposium in Duluth, Minnesota that starts on Thursday. There are still opportunities to register, check out the details at www.wolf.org.