After 14 years, the memories are plentiful and are often accompanied by a smile; but to honor, where do we start? Because we study behavior, we will use the behavioral terms that most represent Shadow. 

  • Direct Eye Stare and Avert Gaze: Shadow could control anyone with just one look and knew when to avoid engaging in some juvenile or lower pack member confrontations.
  • Greeting: There has been no other wolf in the history of the Center’s operation that could clean a face better than Shadow’s daily greetings (even if they included a low throated growl)
  • Invite Chase:  Pushing up from a playbow into a full run away from another wolf inviting them to chase… even displaying this behavior in retirement where the chase was diminished but the playbow was alive and well
  • Chin Rest:  Who could forget the power of one chin on another wolf’s back… wolf care staff borrowed this technique from Shadow and use it to control young pups.. a hand on top of the muzzle, neck or back
  • Parallel Gate:  He was the master at pair bonding and the image of Maya and Shadow will forever be in my mind
  • Howls:  Who could forget the pack leader howls and the bark howls that told us when enough was enough

 There are so many more memories that remind us how honored we are to work with these complex, social predators… Shadow, you trusted our team.  Every time you placed your head on our shoulder or gently rested your head against our head, it reinforced that trust and our commitment to provide our wolves with the best care possible.  Our greatest respect and heartfelt appreciation Shadow.. RIP Our Dear Friend…


From the Ely Wolf Care Staff