Shadow was euthanized on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 after staff documented a significant physical decline in his overall condition, most likely age-related. While details of the necropsy report may be weeks away, the surveillance camera and video review of his activity in weeks and days before his decline revealed an aging body, but a strong alert mind.  

Shadow’s loss so close to Malik’s was hard, but we know, that 14 years of age is a good run and both of these boys had a few good runs in their life.  As I review the photos on facebook and images I  used for the tribute, there were many good times. Shadow was an incredible personality, a strong pack leader that held the Exhibit Pack together for 8 years and we were fortunate to have known him.  Certainly Shadow began to show his age as he led the Exhibit Pack, but the few months we have witnessed a notable change.  As Wolf Care Staff, we always want to be responsive to that moment when pain and discomfort is too much to bear.  We are legally bound to this management by USDA permits and ethically bound to this management when we bond with socialized wolves.  We owe it to the wolves who have served as ambassadors, “Teaching the World about Wolves”.  There are countless visitors that witnessed Shadow displaying the intricacies of wolf behavior and Shadow has made a lasting impression. 

The thoughts, kind words and stories are welcome and shared by the wolf care staff.  So, let’s welcome, yet again, another wolf to the “Gone but Not Forgotten Pack” and rest assured, our staff will never forget Shadow.