Malik has been weighed twice this summer, which is quite an accomplishment considering he’s been a bit hesitant around the scale. The success is based on a trail and error discovery. Earlier this summer Malik was having some significant issues with flies. He’s been cautious about approaching staff because Shadow can get possessive and drive him away. He’s also not very fond of the curator who seems to be at every negative event in his life (vaccines, immobilizations, Grizzer’s dominance etc.), and we have an additive issue with Shadow not allowing some of Malik’s favorite staff into the enclosure anymore. So, we take Shadow and the curator, and put them in the front part of Grizzer’s enclosure (while Grizzer is locked in back), then Malik can have his favorite staff to himself and he is much more relaxed and willing to get fly ointment and step on the scale. Malik doesn’t have much of a weight record, but he was still 92 lbs at 11 years of age, so this 90.2 pound weight is consistent with his retired life.