Nov. 7, 2019

Colder Weather Intensifies Pack Dynamics

Snow has arrived in Ely, and it appears Boltz has gained some confidence. Colder weather usually heightens intensity of ritualized dominance in the Pack. In this photo, Boltz is staring at Axel and Grayson and exhibiting a slight lip curl along with pricked ears and a T-2 tail. Notice Grayson’s ears, they are pulled back in a submissive posture. If you look closely, you will spot Denali in the distance behind Boltz. Axel and Grayson have been focusing on and testing Denali for weakness. One of Boltz’s roles as a mid-ranking wolf is to take some of Axel and Grayson’s focus off Denali. Despite the focus of the younger wolves, Denali is still engaged socially with the rest of the Pack, and not quite ready for retirement yet.

This log was written by Leanne Martin