Nov. 7, 2019

Luna has been more receptive to body work as of late, she seems to be feeling better now that she is on anti-inflammatory medication. She is certainly mobile, eating well, and greeting wolf care staff daily. Staff continue to watch for decline, but as of now she continues to be stable.

You may notice some new balsam fir trees in the Pack Holding Area behind Luna… some of the dead trees/ large shrubs had to be removed for the construction project to happen. Instead of planting new trees and risking Grizzer and Luna digging them up, Staff created concrete bases with PVC pipes inside, and simply stuck some cut balsam in the pipes to secure them down. When the trees eventually lose their needles, they can easily be replaced with fresh ones. This will provide some good cover for the 2020 pups, as they will be spending a good deal of time in the Pack Holding Area when they are old enough to be outside.

This log was written by Leanne Martin