Nov. 13, 2019

Exhibit Pack Log November 13, 2019

With Height Comes Advantage

In Ely, the snow is here to stay for the season. During the colder months, wolf care staff will provide insulating cover hay on top of the pond pump housing, dens, and in front of the observation windows. The wolves will often sleep in the hay on top of the pump housing and dens, because being up higher gives them better access to the sun’s warmth. Height is also something that the wolves utilize to gain power. Grayson often vocalizes from on top of the pump housing, and postures over whoever is resting near him in an attempt to gain status. In this photo, you can see Grayson on top of the pump housing, exhibiting a T-2 tail.  Notice Axel’s tail, which is turned down slightly in response to Grayson.