After this log, Malik will transition to the Gone but Not Forgotten Pack.  What can I say about the wolf that has taught the wolf care staff so much about being an opportunistic pack member.  Malik never rose to the top of a pack, but benefited greatly by having a brother as a dominant pack member.  Who can forget his courage to display some dominance when Shadow was standing over Grizzer, but as soon as Shadow moved away, down would come the ears and the tail and he would gracefully jump to the other side of the pond.  He had a threat display that was like no other; words couldn’t describe the sound he made, nor will wolf care staff forget the dynamics of the pack when Shadow and Maya ruled the Exhibit.  Malik’s more delicate face and graceful movements made him special and his ability to guard and protect food, even from his dominant packmates, taught us that wolves have social rules.  We have lost a great pack member who contributed a wealth of knowledge, endured a lot of transitions and made a lot of smiles, especially as he watched staff members and looked for the perfect opportunity to steal a hat.  As Malik made his final journey to the University of Minnesota Diagnostics lab for a necropsy, he traveled with my hat (the one he stole so many times during wolf care)  and had special instructions to be cremated with the hat.   We will miss Malik dearly and are grateful to all the people who have sent words of support.