Grizzer – Watching the Action

As we reported in Aidan’s log and on facebook, Aidan was immobilized and taken to the Ely Vet Clinic for a surgery to remove two mass cell tumors on his leg.  Since Aidan’s retirement in July, Grizzer had re-establsihed his social bonds with Aidan and was very mindful of Aidan’s removal from the facility.  With surgery and recovery, Aidan was out of the Retired Pack for 5 hours and Grizzer was focused on the activities watching from the wolf yard viewing window we designed for the Retired Pack.   As Aidan recovery from surgery, he was allowed access from the wolf care center building to a shared fenceline.  Staff observed Grizzer whining and giving nose to nose greetings with Aidan through the fence before they were successfully reunited later in the day.