Grizzer – Liking the Routine

Grizzer has now been on a special feeding routine for at least 3 months and it’s benefited our goal of increasing Grizzer’s weight as well as increasing his confidence.  To avoid any unnecessary dominance and to keep Luna on a well documented food plan, we separate Grizzer to the East Side Retired area for his feeding.  He knows the gate system and is very cooperative with staff.  His coat is still soft and glossy, and he still carries that tuft of hair on his neck that makes him appear to be wearing a something that typically starts to fade with age.  We did start him on a 10-day course of anti-inflammatory medication this week, his response to his ACL injury seemed to be more problematic with him not weight-bearing on his back leg.  We also had a recommendation to start him on Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement.  In addition, we are making some connections for a product called “System Saver”.  Our colleagues at Wolf Park in Indiana have had good results with this product developed by a Veterinarian.    At his age, we definitely favor tying supplements before pharmaceuticals and their side effects.  The main goal is making him feel better.