It has been such a remarkable experience helping Aidan through the transition of being a deposed pack leader to finding a place in the pack dynamics of retirement.  We witnessed an incredible strength in leadership of the Exhibit Pack, and as he lost confidence in that role, we were concerned that he would lose his willingness to socially interact with the pack.  We soon found out that our concerns were unwarranted.  Not only did Aidan reunite with Grizzer and reestablish the social bond they had as Exhibit Pack mates (2008-2011), but Aidan seems to enjoy (well, tolerate) Luna’s chases, foreleg stabs and preemptive screeches as they run throughout the enclosures.  Visitors to the Retired Enclosure and many viewers of our webinar series have commented on how Aidan has regained a youthful appearance, even noting that his coat coloration seems to be more vibrant.  I guess there is truth in the adage that “one is only as old as they feel” and watching Aidan prance around retirement, he must feel like a yearling.