Nov. 20, 2019

Exhibit Pack Log November 20, 2019

The Rock Work is Complete

Over this past weekend we had an excavator on site doing rock work around the pump housing and den and although we have some more finishing work to do in the spring, phase one of the big rock hauling is done.   This project was funded through a recent Facebook fundraiser and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who donated. This project was initiated in honor of Aidan and Luna, both significant users of the den site area.  

The wolves were not locked off exhibit since staff had concerns about how Luna would react being near the Exhibit Pack. Boltz had limited concern about the excavator, and Denali, though a bit cautious, was more curious than fearful. We did not see the same tolerant response from Axel and Grayson. Both were very agitated and fearful of the excavator and retreated to the back of the enclosure. Being younger, Axel and Grayson do not have as much experience around large equipment. It took them a while to calm down, but once the excavator left, they came back down to the front of the enclosure to investigate.

The main reason we wanted to get this project done before winter was to reduce flooding in the den. The new rocks that have been positioned around the back exit of the den will act as a barrier and allow excess water to run off and around the den, not into it.   The level platforms will also be great vantage points for our new pups in 2020.  We’ve included a picture of the before and after den site project.


Before  10/4/19                                                                     After  11/17/19


Wolf Log written by Assistant Curator, Leanne Martin