3 April 2020

We did two special things today during our Free Friday Webinar broadcast this morning.  We opened up the gate between the Pack Holding Area and the Exhibit to give Grizzer some stimuli with the Exhibit Pack.  Grizzer was very relaxed, but it did get Grayson and Axel a little excited, and Grayson did some excited lunging and he and Axel redirected some dominance to Boltz.  We will continue to allow these opportunities, expecting the more frequent the experience, the less intense the response.  This is the area that the pups and the Exhibit Pack members will interact, so we don’t want to create a negative conditioning to the area.

The second special thing we did for Grizzer is to get his weights.  He currently weighs 118 pounds, which is a nice weight for a nearly 16 year old wolf.  Here is the pattern of his last few years to see that they lose weight during the heat of the summer, gain weight over the winter and start to reduce again as spring approaches.

3/2/2018 Grizzer 118 13 years 10 months
4/18/2018 Grizzer 114.6 13 years 11 months
6/1/2018 Grizzer 115 14 years 1 month
7/2/2018 Grizzer 112 14 years 2 month
8/23/2018 Grizzer 120 14 years 4 months
6/28/2019 Grizzer 121 15 years 2 months
8/12/2019 Grizzer 118 15 years 3 months
12/9/2019 Grizzer 125 15 years 7 Months