13 March 2020

Temperatures have been rising in Ely, and that means snow is starting to melt. If you watch the IWC webcams, you may have noticed the Pack Holding Den looks a little shorter than usual. Wolf care staff took advantage of a warm, nearly 50-degree day, and were able to remove most of the compacted snow and hay on top of the den. Grizzer watched curiously as a wheelbarrow was brought in to aid in the removal of the old hay. Contractors have been on site this week, working on adding additional roofing to the Pack Holding Area. This is the area that the new pups will utilize when they are old enough to spend time outside.  You may notice that we use a lot of dark wood around the fence-lines.  This darker color helps absorb heat, creating a quicker snow melt for walking paths.  The roofing will provide additional protection from the elements, for both the older wolves and the new pups.

Wolf Log written by Assistant Curator: Leanne Martin