28 September 2020

Even though Grizzer’s world has been altered by the presence of Boltz in the Pack Holding Area, he seems to take it in stride. He actively travels the paths in the back habitat despite his advancing cataracts.  He uses his sense of smell as the dominant sensory ability and is quick to get up and move if there is something unfamiliar.  We are working extremely hard to keep things calm and help Grizzer process the addition of another food supply next door that doesn’t involve him.  For most of the month of August and September, he was found sleeping either on the “Back Habitat” den or in the den, only moving to the “Transition Area’ to sleep in his straw bed an night.  Since the days have gotten cooler, he is no moving to the “Transition Area’ during the daytime.  We will start using straw inside the dens this week.  We generally wait until we are certain the 75 degree weather has left for the season.  It seems wolves have more trouble dealing with heat than they do cold, so we always want to make sure they can escape the heat in the darkness of the dens.