22 July 2020

Grizzer continues to enjoy the cool shade provided in his three areas of retirement.  When the heat becomes oppressive, his favorite location is on top of the den in the back habitat.  This den is well shaded by the numerous elderberries stems.  This colorful fruit bearing shrub is native to northern Minnesota and are quite prolific.  It takes a hardy shrub to take co-exist with wolves.  Grizzer has been receiving a new anti-inflammatory topical gel that has had a noticeable improvement in his activity.  Shortly after his treatment, he has been prancing around the pack holding area, definitely feeling good for a 16 year old.  We plan to do a webinar on August 8th about previous pup introductions (since we are missing the intended 2020 intro).  During that video, we will be sharing some video including a combination of clips that highlight the life stages of Grizzer.  If you are interested in registering for that webinar, check out the link on our website.