Behind the Scenes is a seasonal members-only program held on Friday mornings during the summer. Usually we have 20 spots available, but we have had to make changes this year due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. We have been hosting 3 Behind the Scenes programs throughout the week, with a max of 6 guests per program. Grizzer has been doing great during these programs. He is usually a bit timid at first, but eventually his curiosity wins out and he comes over to the fence to sniff the visitors. Grizzer gets special treats during these sessions, some of which include: beaver tails, pigs ears, venison cakes, and blueberry ice cubes. These programs provide stimulus for him, which is great for an older wolf. Grizzer also continues to get daily stimulus from the Exhibit Pack through the fence. Axel and Grayson often run along the fenceline that Grizzer shares with the Exhibit. Although he cannot run as fast as the younger wolves, Grizzer definitely gets excited and trots after them along the fenceline.  After the excitement of the morning, Grizzer usually heads back to his preferred summer sleeping spot: the Back Habitat Den.   We are now broadcasting all 3 webcams in retirement, so you may have to search a while to find Grizzer.
Written by Assistant Curator, Leanne Martin