Legislature’s 2023 wolf reintroduction bills

From The Denver Gazette:

When Colorado voters approved a proposition to legalize marijuana, the legislature was tasked with penning the fine print to successfully enact the will of the voters. The governor at the time, John Hickenlooper, signed bills to regulate the drug including limits on blood levels when driving, limits on out-of-state resident purchases, taxation, licensing fees, inventory tracking, security requirements, waste disposal, packaging, and even advertising. Even years later, there seems to be no shortage of marijuana bills introduced with the legislature engaging with stakeholders, hearing public comment, and passing bills that are the will of their constituents.

Wolf bills are no different. While the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission was tasked with the final approval of the Colorado Wolf Restoration and Management Plan, legislators had to step in with bills to ensure the proverbial wheels don’t fall off the operation.

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