In defence of the big, bad wolf: Why Britain should defy Europe’s anti-vulpine agenda

From Yahoo News:

On the night of 1 September, 2022 – coincidentally, a few days after the harvest moon – deep inside a wooded hamlet of north west Germany, a stray Eurasian wolf killed a little horse. The consequences of that fatal night have been severe. The now-deceased pony in question, Dolly, was in fact the preferred equine companion of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. And she took the murder personally: not only was this carnivorous animal sentenced to death, the bureaucrat is now waging war against all wolves.

Wolves are protected in Europe; killing them is forbidden except in exceptional circumstances, with a permit. Von der Leyen’s vulpine nemesis was, according to authorities in the Hannover region who used DNA to detect him, part of a “problem pack”.


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