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WC Update – 4 April 2023

It has been a long time since we posted a wolf log.  Our delay is not because we don’t think logs are important, it’s more like this pack has kept […]


Exhibit Pack Update – 5 May 2022

It has been a long week, but we are happy to report that Rieka had a successful recovery from a recent spay surgery.  She went into the clinic on Saturday […]


Exhibit Pack Update – 8 April 2022

We are sorry for the lengthy delay in posting an update.   The winter of 2021-2022 had some great successes with the maturation of Rieka and her integration into the Exhibit […]


Seeking Shade and Modifying Activity

With white coats, the arctic wolves may not absorb as much heat, but they still have the behavioral pattern of seeking shade and becoming more nocturnal in activity.   In this […]


Exhibit Pack Update 25 May 2021

So sorry for the extended delay in posting;  Since our last post, we have transitioned out of winter and right past spring into some hot, humid weather.  By the seasonal […]


Pack Update 26 February 2021

Each week, I try to pick one of the many photos on the Gallery pages.  This week I have selected an image from Tina Warne.  The photo shows Axel […]


12 February 2021

For each log, I try to select a photo from the Gallery that represents the weekly behavior of the Exhibit Pack.  Thanks to “jdy4wildlife” for posting this image of […]


5 February 2021 Update

With the Center being closed throughout the early winter due to COVID restrictions, Axel and Grayson seemed very interested in the return of visitors to the Center by late January.  […]