Last week, we attempted to reunite Grizzer and Shadow.  Initially Grizzer rolled over a the fence, but he immediately became food possessive creating some tension and more physical contact than we wanted for Shadow.  So, after a 10 minute visit, Grizzer was escorted back into his side of retirement and Shadow got to do some posturing through the fence.  Shadow seemed content with that and since the visit, he is more alert, more engaging and his appetite has improved dramatically.  Short controlled visits from Grizzer may be good stimulus, but we also see Shadow’s mood improving when Grizzer goes back to his side.  At 14, we don’t know how much longer we will have the pleasure of working with Shadow, but our management will be based on his needs and any socialization will need to in his best interest.  To see the video of this interaction, check out the Center’s Youtube channel or go to Meet Our Wolves – Video