One thing we know about wolves that have been through some loss of a packmate is that they can have some impacts on their behaviors.  Whether people term it sadness, sense of loss or separation anxiety, we know there are differences.  In the past month, we have reported that Shadow had been howling more and eating less.  Well, these trends have switched.  Shadow is howling less and he’s eating just about everything that we feed him.  This is a good sign, especially for an older wolf who might experience some natural muscular decline.  Shadow’s physical structure feels good and when we watch him jump up on the den, we know he has mobility.  We are certainly discussing the options of rejoining Shadow with Grizzer, but we still have a lot of ice under the straw and will not make any changes until the Working for Wolves crew can help remove these hazards (straw insulates ice, so when the crew moves the straw.. the ice will go).