Retired Pack Update 11 December 2020

We have seen an increase in social behavior between Grizzer and Denali.  Originally, when Denali was first retired, the bite wound on his paw caused him some discomfort and he wasn’t in much of a mood to interact. As he physically started to heal, we started to see a transformation in his behavior as well.  At first, we saw more interest in feeding with Grizzer, then we found them resting near each other.  One afternoon, we saw Denali approach Grizzer, getting him up for an enclosure walk.  In the last few weeks, there is far more than walking.  They have been play bowing, pouncing, running and tail wagging(their latest video is on our recent youtube).  It is great to see Denali back to this social behavior and good to see Grizzer keeping his mobility at 16.5 years old.  In honor of this activity, I am sharing an image of their past social interaction.  They have been pouncing, running and tail wagging for years and while we don’t know how much time they have, we know that each day will be filled with social behavior.


Grizzer and Denali as former Exhibit Packmates