Pack Update 17 November 2020

In an effort to give Denali and Grizzer some additional enrichment, we chose to feed them 2 deer legs on Saturday night.  We knew that Denali might be more food possessive, but with he and Grizzer both getting a daily meal of between 3 – 4 pounds of meat, we thought the added food could be enjoyed by both.   While Denali managed to gather both deer legs on the initial delivery, Grizzer was able to eat some of the meat and proved that he is still capable of guarding food (check out our latest youtube to see him in action).  This was great stimuli for Grizzer and a good distraction for Denali who is still not quite settled into retirement.  We have noticed that Denali is standing on top of the dens trying to see over the fences into the Exhibit.  We decided to open the gate in the pack holding area to allow the retirees a full view of the Exhibit Pack.  Of course, we reinforced the shared gate with 1/4 plate steel and additional fence panels to avoid any chance that a gate would be compromised.  Grizzer likes the ability to see the arctics, but Denali is still a bit intimidated.  Grayson has been at the fence with a high tail posture definitely indicating that his rank has increased since Denali’s retirement.