Jan. 19, 2020

Ely has had some fresh snowfall this week, which Grizzer enjoys. He has been seen excitedly rolling over in the snow, near the East Side den. Grizzer’s undercoat is quite thick and dense, which provides him with ample protection from the cold.  Despite the fact that we have five heated water sources throughout the two enclosures, You may see the wolves on the webcam eating snow.  The warm, wet snow has moisture and can meet their needs.  Grizzer also likes to do a face-wipe in the snow after his morning breakfast, a method of cleaning his face.

Whenever there is significant snowfall, staff shovel out pathways for Grizzer throughout all the retirement enclosures. The paths help Grizzer navigate his surroundings easier. Staff also make sure there is extra hay placed on the back sides of the dens. This hay provides extra traction for Grizzer as he climbs up onto the dens, keeping him active to maintain joint health.

Written by Assistant Curator, Leanne Martin