Since Aidan’s retirement, Grizzer has been getting a lot of activity.  He joins Aidan when he responds to Luna’s frequent invite chase maneuvers, which usually result in a chase through all three retirement enclosures and a climb on and leap off the three concrete densites.  There is a strong correlation between Aidan’s location and Grizzer’s location within the retirement areas.  These two males share space for the morning meds and feedings, they sleep near each other and if one goes to the back habitat, the other is sure to follow.  Grizzer continues to show his confidence around Aidan.  On November 6th, the wolf care staff noted that Aidan did a squat urination after Grizzer did an RLU (Raised Leg Urination).   This lack of overmark is an indication that Aidan is accepting of Grizzer’s mark and by default Grizzer’s status.  Aidan will do RLU’s especially if there’s food involved, but the association of marking behavior between wolves is interesting to watch.  There is something rewarding to watch a wolf near the end of his longevity have the status and enjoyment of his youth,