Grizzer – Showing a residual mark

We just finished a 10-day trial of Deramaxx to help Grizzer with inflammation due to his torn ACL.  We did not see any difference, so we are going to start him on a 10-day trial of Rimadyl.  Some animals respond better to one medication over another.  We will let you know how Grizzer responds to the Rimadyl in a future log.  The retired pack had a number of behind the scenes visits from the Wolf Ethology class this week.  For a wolf that may not be feeling great, due to the excessive heat and his ACL, he did great with all the extra people near his enclosure.  Grizzer looks good for a 13 year old wolf!  His current weight is 120.4 lbs. 

The Center participated in a Mirror Self Recognition Test with Dr. Shannon Barber-Meyers over the last few months.  She will be publishing her findings on the study.  Grizzer still shows the blue mark on his head from the mirror test.  It was definitely good stimuli for Grizzer.