Grizzer – Ready for Winter

Grizzer is entering the winter with a good winter coat, a healthy amount of body fat and a packmate that helps divert Luna’s attention and at times, overwhelming interactions.  When Aidan joined retirement, we had concerns on how it would impact Grizzer.  At 14 1/2 years of age, we didn’t want to add to his stress levels.  As we have reported before, Aidan and Grizzer resumed the bond they had as former Exhibit Pack members from 2008 – 2011.  Aidan and Grizzer feed together, sleep in the same transition area beds and on more than one occasion, Aidan has intervened when Luna starts to assert dominance over Grizzer.  Lately, we have noticed Grizzer doing some excited tail-wagging chases with Aidan as he and Luna run between the three retired enclosures.