Grizzer – Maneuvering through the Vegetation

By using all three retirement enclosures, we are dispersing the travel paths and reducing the soil compaction.  With a little help of a higher than average rainfall, the vegetation has responded well this summer.  There are parts of the retirement enclosure that are only accessible by a path that is only 3 feet high, better known as Grizzer’s path.  While his ACL injury is bothersome, especially when he has been resting for extended periods of time, he can still maneuver through the enclosures especially when he sees the staff prepping his daily meals.  The anti-inflammatory medications are doing little to help, the Veterinarians are treating his condition through pain management and staff are working on additional visits to make sure he is comfortable.  Grizzer still likes to roll over for staff and get a full-belly massage.  The daily feedings are working as well, he is back up to 122 pounds.  As with Luna’s circumstance, we want to keep the weight at a manageable weight to reduce stress to joints, but with winter coming, this is a good weight for Grizzer to enter the winter prior to his 14th year.