Grizzer- Looking Great for His Age

What can I say about Grizzer… He looks better than he has in the last few years.  His eyes are more alert, his coat is thick and in great condition and he can hear the wrinkle of a ziplock bag at 40 yards; Not bad for a wolf that will be 14-years old on May 5th.  We solved some of the early Luna conflicts with Grizzer by switching them to a daily feeding regime.  This was out of necessity to control Luna’s obsession about food and to regulate her diet, but the change seems to work well for Grizzer as well. In this photo, you will see him favor his back right leg as the main concern for his well-being.  Living with Luna has been a bonus and as changes occur in the Exhibit Pack, we will always be mindful of Grizzer’s well-being and reduce changes to his life unless necessary.