Grizzer – Center of Attention

Grizzer has been spending more time in the Pack Holding Area where he remains near the center of the wolf yard.  But, Grizzer also remains the Center of attention for Luna.  Due to Grizzer’s age, he is now transitioned to a daily feeding of ~ 3 pounds of beef, venison, bonedust or chicken with a small Saturday carcass  so he can enjoy the behavior of carrying, caching and defending food.  So, when we feed every day, we have one staff person keeping Luna occupied in one side of retirement while Grizzer gets his dinner at another location.  Needless to say, Luna is alert to every sound of the crunching bones and clinking bowls until Grizzer has finished his dinner.  We are handfeeding Grizzer and as soon as he stops eating and starts caching, we stop feeding.  Luna has a different feeding protocol and we don’t need her eating extra food resources.  We have noticed Grizzer using the Pack Holding Area den on a regular basis.  The Working for Wolves crew built the den last fall and it’s 4 foot depth protects it from the afternoon sun.   Grizzer’s back right ACL injury has improved dramatically since the ice melted this spring.  The upcoming October Working for Wolves crew will be improving some of the ice conditions by building a protective area between the vestibules that connect the East Side Retired area to the Pack Holding Area. We weighed Grizzer on June 2nd when we weighed the pups.  Grizzer’s weight was a bit of a concern earlier in the year, but he is back to ~ 113 pounds, which is a good weight for him and not too heavy to put stress on his leg.  He is shedding in long sheets of undercoat right now.  We try to avoid any of the hard brushes on his older body, so we are letting some of the hair fall out naturally, making him look at bit more ragged than Luna.  Weight management while maintaining group dynamics takes time, staff and very close attention to detail.