Grizzer 5 October 2020

On Sunday, Grizzer developed a limp in his back left leg, but we suspect the issue may have originated with his back right leg. He had an ACL tear in that knee about 3 1/2 years ago.  In looking at the surveillance video, he seemed to be fine when feeding at 8:15 a.m., but by the looks of the image captured by surveillance on Sunday at ~8:19 am, he twisted his right knee, causing him to compensate with his left leg and he’s now experiencing discomfort in both.

Older animals can have some muscle and tendon weakness that impacts how they stand and move. One slight twist and it can cause inflammation and even a pinched nerve. We started him on an anti-inflammatory and may be turning the camera on and off for the next few days. It’s not that the webcam broadcast impacts him — it’s our preference to give him some space and not portray him when he struggles with issues.

The last time he had treatment for this knee was in April of 2019, where he had a 20 days treatment before we saw full improvement.  Being a year and a half older and at a colder time of the year can add more challenges.

I will keep everyone posted.