Exhibit Pack Log – 28 February 2024

We’re nearing the end of wolf breeding season in our region and continue to see a very calm and cohesive Exhibit Pack. This may in part be to the unseasonably warm weather and lack of snow the past few weeks.

We continue to see an increase in confidence from Grayson, as well as many social interactions between him and Rieka. Wolf care staff often witnesses a variety of social behaviors including jaw sparring, inhibited muzzle bites, play bows, invite chases, and sweeping tail wags — all of which point to a more social interaction rather than ritualized dominance. Caz continues to butt his way between the two, attempting to engage in this social moment as well, but it appears that Rieka and Grayson continue to focus mostly on each other during interactions such as these.

Many of these interactions result in an increase in excitement; there’s a fine line between a social interaction and ritualized dominance. With increased excitement or energy, the situation can change in intensity and intention. Wolves are incredibly opportunistic as well, so if Rieka sees Grayson shift his attention to Caz, she may go in for a quick grab at Grayson’s rear.

Grayson has been showing a significant increase in his confidence. A big part of this is likely that his brother, Axel, has been a bit more subdued the past few weeks. Grayson will oftentimes seek out Caz in and do a stand over with a high tail while Caz submits fully to him by rolling on his back. This is a pattern we have witnessed many times within the past few weeks; it seems as though Grayson recognizes Caz as the most dominant of the two younger males and is quick to ensure he stays subordinate to him within the rank order. Blackstone doesn’t display the same confidence or food possessive behaviors that Caz does, seeming to usually fly under Grayson’s radar. Even though Blackstone is lower in social rank, he seems to not stress about this and can oftentimes be seen goofing off around the enclosure.

Axel seems to be feeling better the past few days and has been much more active and engaged with the Pack. It has been a bit of a challenge getting him to take his medication daily, but he seems to have a fondness for ground beaver tail. We’re seeing a bit of inflammation return on his gums, likely due to missing several doses of his medication, but it does not appear to be irritating him or hindering his ability to eat off of the carcass, and it has reduced now that he’s been taking meds more regularly the past few days. His coat continues to look great and he remains an active, engaged member of the Pack.

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