Axel – Physical Features

While we use the term socialized to identify the entire process of hand-raising pups, scientific literature describes this particular period of age development as the “Socialization Period categorized from 20 – 24 days to approximately 77 days”.  During this period in the wild, pups begin appearing outside of the den, playing near the entrances, ears being to raise and are usually erect and hearing improves dramatically.  As Axel’s photo shows, there is growth of the guard airs around the top of the head, nose and eyes.  The disproportionate feet and large head will be the next notable features for the pups.  Sleep is still a significant part of their life, but bouts of dominance increase when aroused.  Axel and Grayback have been spending more time outdoors as the weather allows.  The pups are weighed daily at 8 am and Axel gained .4 lbs in 24 hours.