Axel- The Pack is Changing


Some of the behaviors that indicate a wolf is showing status is their tendency to mark with a Raised Leg Urination or RLU and when they carry their tail high above their back in what’s called a T-1 tail posture.   Axel has been displaying both, but since the retirement of Aidan, he’s had more resistance to his behavior from Boltz and Denali.  In this post’s photo, Axel was photographed on top of the pump housing during a weekly pack feeding.  Normally, he and Denali shared the carcass while the rest of the wolves waited.  On July 28th pack feeding, 3 days after Aidan was retired, Axel sat with his ears pricked and turned sideways, displaying a bit of intimidation as Denali and Boltz shared the carcass and kept him at bay.  We expect there will be more change in individual wolf alliances and subsequent dynamics before the pack decides on leadership, but for Axel, it appears to have taken him by surprise.