Axel – Facial Characteristics

This photo was taken in April and shows Axel and Grayson in full winter pelage, when identification of these brothers is relatively easy.  Grayson has a darker saddle that is prominently distinguished across his back.  But, shed out the undercoat that makes those darker guard hairs more prominent and add a little sun bleaching of the white hair and identification can become more challenging.  Once you spend some time observing pack dynamics, behaviors can be a method for identification.  But, for wolf care staff that deliver morning medications to 5 wolves, often inches apart from each other, they need to be keyed into the facial characteristics of each wolf.   Can you ID the different facial patterns of these two?  We have spoke of this past logs, but it’s always fun to test ourselves when we get a photo like this.  Thanks to Kelly Godfrey for capturing this photo at the Exhibit Pack greeting rock.  Showing a longer and more slender muzzle is Axel who is standing in front of the rock.  Showing a broader and more classic shaped muzzle is Grayson, lying on the the rock.