6 October 2020

Grizzer is responding well to treatment. He is weight bearing on both back legs and was moving around the various retirement areas this morning when wolf care arrived.  He cached three of his chicken legs, so he definitely is not feeling 100% by any means, but did take his medication in a butterball/Venison cake combination.  Thanks to all of you who contribute to the Amazon Smile in-kind donations, Venison Cakes are the ticket for getting a finicky wolf to take their meds.  I turned the Back Habitat camera on today, Grizzer is sleeping in front of the den.  We always know when he isn’t feeling the best, he will lay behind vegetation in some thick cover.  Today, he is resting more in the open, definitely a sign of progress.  It’s these subtle details that we term “Situational Awareness” that are critical for any wolf care personnel.