30 October 2020

Written by Wolf Care Assistant Leanne Martin:

Denali and Grizzer are managing quite well together. They currently share the Transition Area, East Side, and Back Habitat. Wolf care staff separate them in the morning during feeding, and once feeding is done they are put back together. One interesting observation that staff have noticed, is that Grizzer tends to follow Denali around the enclosures. Due to his age, Grizzer’s eyesight is not very good, and perhaps Grizzer is using Denali as a focal point  to move and navigate the enclosures better. Providing stimulus is important for older wolves, and Denali is certainly a great source of stimulus for Grizzer. They have not shown any aggression toward each other, and have even been able to stand near each other while getting meds through the fence.
With the arrival of snow, staff have added cover hay to various spots throughout the enclosures. Grizzer and Denali have been seen sleeping near each other in the Transition Area, an area that is completely covered by a roofline. This spot is one of the prime sleeping spots for the retiree’s due to the fact that it is completely protected from snow and ice.