15 September 2020

Grizzer is enjoying the cooler weather, but not so thrilled with our movement of him to the East Side Retirement enclosure while we try to get Boltz to come into holding.  He does have face to face interactions through the gate with Axel, Grayson and Denali, and at the end of the day, he gets to remark all of Axel’s marked stumps. On Friday, staff noticed the slight swelling of an abscess returning on his cheek.  In a previous medical exam, Grizzer had an upper pre-molar removed due to decay, but at this age, a surgery will not be performed unless the issue is impacting his ability to eat or causing significant discomfort.  This is the 3 issue he has had in the past year, and each has been addressed by Antibiotic.  He continues to eat well; and has been increased to 4 pounds of meat a day in the anticipation of colder weather.