From the Spokesman Review:

ENDANGERED SPECIES — While anti-hunting groups celebrated this week’s court ruling that maintains endangered species protections for the thriving wolf population in the Great Lakes, wildlife managers and sportsmen who would like to control wolf numbers may ultimately gain ground from the ruling.   

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has voiced optimism that the ruling has provided a path forward to delisting.

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From Public News Service:

MADISON, Wis. – With talk in Washington about changing or reforming the Endangered Species Act, a Wisconsin wolf expert says this is not the time for a change. 

Melissa Smith of Madison, who is the Great Lakes wolf coordinator for the Endangered Species Coalition, points to a success story in the state. Smith says the wolf population is now 925, the highest it’s been since we started counting. 

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From KCET:

The damage Chad McKittrick has done to America’s endangered species might finally be coming to an end.

In March, 1995, 14 gray wolves from Canada were released in Yellowstone National Park, part of an attempt to reintroduce the species to the area. Biologists working the project were especially fond of one wolf in particular. He was a big, medium-gray male, “Wolf #10,” added to the reintroduction group as a mate for a single black female, “Wolf #9.” The largest of the wolves in what biologists hoped would become the Rose Creek Pack, #10 seemed destined to make history.

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