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Two wolves press their noses against a fence, scenting a tray of food on the other side. A rope dangles within their reach — a clue to the puzzle. If only one wolf pulls the rope, it comes loose and no one gets the food. But if they tug together, the snack will be theirs.

This might seem like a test of plain-old smarts. Put two good problem-solvers together, and they can figure it out. But according to a recent study published in Nature, the wolves’ bond with each other — rather than either individual’s intent or mental abilities — matters most.

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From European Wilderness Society:

Back in 2016 the first Austrian wolf pack established in Allentsteig, a military training ground in Lower Austria. And now experts have confirmed the presence of a second wolf pack in Austria. Camera traps caught four or five wolves on camera at the Austrian-Czech border near Karlstift. In addition to this great news, there is evidence that a third pack has established itself just across the border on the Czech side.

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